Meet The Crew!

Welcome to the blog! Unless you know us in the real world, you are probably wondering who we are. I won’t bore you with a bunch of talk beforehand, so without further ado, meet the stars of this blog and the blogger.

We will start with one of the stars, Scout.


Scout is a 2-3 year old (probably closer to 3 now) German Shepherd mix. We got her on September 24th, 2015. Due to her past, she is very weary of strangers and takes a bit warming up to you. Usually you can get her to warm up faster if you give her a piece of cheese. Once she’s okay with you though, she is very sweet and loves to snuggle. One of her favorite activities is basking in the sunlight out in our backyard. She could lay out there for hours. She doesn’t know many commands, but that’s okay. Scout can sit, lay down, shake, and give me a high five. We are working on getting her to learn her name better (she knows it pretty well but won’t come immediately) and walking on a leash.

And now for the other star of this blog, Mocha.


We just recently added this sweet girl to the family. She is a 4 month old, chocolate Labrador Retriever. She was dropped off at one of the local shelters when she was 3 months old because the owner didn’t want to deal with her anymore. She was only there 4 days before we adopted her. This little girl is such a love bug. She will go up to just about anyone and want to be pet by them, or want to play with any dog. When she’s not zipping around the house like the ball of energy she is, she loves to lay next to you on the couch. She knows sit, lay down, and we are working on her picking up shake. She’s also not fully house trained, but that is also being worked on and she has improved so much from where she was a month ago when we first brought her home.

And now for the keeper of this blog: Me!


My name is Gabryell, but people usually call me Gaby. I am a 19 year old, stay at home mom. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 2 years and I have one beautiful baby boy, named Jace, who is 9 months old. I am also the “mother” of the two dogs you met before you reached here. They are my fur-babies and just like my son, I would do anything for them. I spend most of my time going to the park with all of my children. I like to bake, read, draw, write, hike, camp, and work on my photography skills, which is hard to do when I only have my phone for a camera, but I work with what I have. ┬áThere really isn’t much more to me, so I guess I will end this here. Hope you enjoy this blog and I will try to update it as much as possible!